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18 Apr 2019

Why should it matter that Spark’s incoming CEO is a woman? One day, hopefully, it won’t. Today, it matters a great deal. There’s no doubt that Spark chose Jolie Hodson for her tal…

17 Apr 2019

The password has been revealed letting children see one of NZ’s rarest birds for free during April. To celebrate Takahē Awareness Month, Toyota Kiwi Guardians and four ecosanctua…

16 Apr 2019

Meadow Mushrooms are 100% committed to sustainability as a core value of their business, seen through their dedication to eco-friendly packaging. One of their proudest decisions wa…

12 Apr 2019

Highly-respected senior communications professionals Richard Gordon and Tim Marshall have joined award-winning PR consultancy Wright Communications.

20 Mar 2019

Businesses aren’t doing enough to tell consumers and customers about the good environmental and social work they are doing. That’s the view of New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust Gen…

28 Feb 2019

For the first time in 10 years, New Zealanders’ concern about climate change has tipped 50%, according to new research by Colmar Brunton. The latest Colmar Brunton Better Future…


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