Internship programme

Despite being a profession that draws from and speaks to a multicultural New Zealand society, there is limited representation of ethnic and minority groups within the communications industry. To be truly reflective of New Zealand society, it is clear we need to attract and retain a more diverse range of practitioners at all levels of our profession.

A Commercial Communications Council (CCC) diversity and inclusiveness survey showed that 87% of the industry is led by European/Pakeha. While the figures tell a dire story, the Public Relations industry is in a position of privilege to voice and advocate for equality, justice and human rights. Not only is it our responsibility, this is also where we thrive, excel and deliver for our clients every day.

From an ethnicity perspective, this means as an industry we need to:

  • Triple the number of Māori practitioners
  • Quadruple the number of Pasifika practitioners
  • Double the number of Asian practitioners
  • Increase the number of practitioners that identify as men, particularly among our lower age range, in the industry
  • Ensure gender pay equity at all levels as men are still earning more than women. 

By rotating interns during the year we are hopeful we will get to advance the ethnic diversity of our workforce too and contribute to the multiculturism of the PR industry.

All interns will be paid the Living Wage. We seek approx. 8 hours per week which can be split over two days. This will ensure the interns can still achieve paid employment elsewhere and juggle their university commitments.

At the end of the internship participants will be “agency ready” having completed the following:

  • Observe one client meeting
  • Observe one internal WIP meeting
  • Use iSentia media monitoring platform
  • Develop a media database
  • Develop an influencer database
  • Pack media kits
  • Draft a media release (consumer)
  • Draft a media release (corporate)
  • Attend a meeting on the PRINZ Code of Ethics with Tim.
  • Attend a meeting on crisis communications with Richard.
  • Attend a meeting with me on sustainability storytelling.

All participants will receive a certificate and reference letter from the Managing Director at the successful conclusion of their internship.

Wright Communications is partnering with AUT’s Bachelor of Communication Studies to deliver the “Agency Ready” intership programme. If you are interested in participating please contact your course supervisor.

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