In Case of Crisis

In this hyper-connected digital age, issues unfold at a rapid pace. You need an app that enables your team to collaborate better, respond faster and engage protocols intelligently. Now you can. Introducing the In Case of Crisis, award-winning issues and crisis app.

Wright Communications is proud to be the exclusive distributor in New Zealand for In Case of Crisis.  Please contact Nikki Wright to learn more.

How your team benefits


Avoid losing precious minutes in response time by activating your crisis team in seconds regardless of their location.


Increase team engagement and reduce confusion by providing instant access to role-based and actionable protocols and procedures.


Bring your crisis & issues team together digitally regardless of their location or time of day using collaboration features.


Better prepare your crisis & issues team for a real crisis by using the app during training and simulations of likely threats.


Enable teams to move faster through the response process, by capturing crisis response best practices in the app workflow

What makes us different

Easy to set up:

With In Case of Crisis and our dedicated team will get you up and running quickly with your plans mobile ready and your people connected.

Enterprise ready:

Built for today's digital age, the In Case of Crisis app can connect to your data, safely and securely. Fully supporting strict privacy standards, like GDPR.


Response protocol

Discard the lengthy plan documents in favor of an intelligent role-based, issue and location sensitive presentation that your crisis teams can instantly access at any time, anywhere, always.  Bring workflow described in plans to life for each team member all in a safe and secure, easy to use app.

  • Transform guidelines into an actionable workflow
  • Fully customisable at all levels
  • Set access based on role, location or issue
  • Provide 24/7 safe and secure access
  • Easy and intuitive to use

Alerts and notifications

The minute an issue escalates, notify your crisis team, employees and stakeholders in seconds with In Case of Crisis from your mobile device.  The app even connects with popular emergency notification services for mass alerts.

  • Send notifications to any size group in seconds
  • Track the delivery status of your notifications
  • Integrated with popular ENS services
  • Poll your people for instant response

Incident reporting

The In Case of Crisis app provides an easy way for employees and stakeholders to submit incident reports that are tracked and routed appropriately.

  • Create custom incident forms by topic
  • Attach pictures and related documents
  • Send to designated contacts
  • Optionally track GPS coordinates

Shared checklists

Bring best practices to responding as a team to life with shared checklists.  Easily view and add tasks assigned to members of your crisis team.  Each can view the tasks and mark when completed. 

  • Set up shared checklists to support your plan
  • Modify or reassign tasks as the situation updates
  • View and track the teams response – live
  • Archive checklists for future reporting

Secure chat

Your people are highly distributed and conference calls are great for updates, but now your teams can stay connected securely throughout a crisis response. 

  • Keep the members of your team connected
  • Add members as the situation requires
  • Share holding statements and other documents
  • Always know when there are new postings

Situation reporting

At any point during and after an issue escalates get access to the actions taken, communications sent and received and next steps planned.

  • View actions the team has taken
  • See actions planned and assigned to team members
  • Archive the report for future training

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