Sustainability Reporting

Increasingly organisations are being required to report on a wide range of sustainability issues – from impact on climate change to energy use and gender pay gaps. At the same time, the number of possible frameworks or standards to use for sustainability reports is proliferating.

Wright Communications has the expertise to guide you through the multiple options for reporting and has the experience to create structured roadmaps that provide a clear route to introduce sustainability reporting and thinking into an organisation.

Our approach to sustainability report writing is to find the right framework, concept and style that works best for your organisation, your brand and your stakeholders. We avoid applying a rigid, cookie-cutter report for every client.

Working towards a best-practice sustainability or ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) report requires several steps.

Wright Communications can guide you through this process of understanding the various frameworks, the process of determining what is important to your organisation, what matters to your shareholders and stakeholders, and how to tell your sustainability story.

We have experience using the following techniques, frameworks and services:

Materiality Assessment: Finding out what matters to your organisation and your stakeholders through stakeholder interviews and desktop research.

Reporting roadmap: Determining the appropriate approach for your organisation and creating a practical plan for reaching your objectives.

Integrated Reporting: We help implement integrated reporting and its key principles of value creation and how the six capitals (financial, natural, built, social, intellectual and human) both create value and are impacted by an organisation’s activity.

Global Reporting Initiative: Understanding how to apply GRI G4 principles, standards and core indicators to your annual or sustainability report

Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosure: Applying new thinking on reporting climate risk

Developing a content structure: Getting to know your business, what is material for reporting and how to build the sustainability story in the report

Gathering information for reporting: We work with communications, sustainability, and environmental managers to gather information from key executives and develop a database of sustainability metrics

Sustainability report writing: We have the expertise to create content outlines, draft fully complete copy or we can take partially completed or uncorrected copy and fine tune it for final publication

Proof reading: We offer a full, professional proof-reading service

Design, digital and print production: We are experienced in producing all forms of publication – from online e-readers to printed material. We also have in-house design capability for sustainability reports and similar publications.

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