Toyota New Zealand welcomes transport emissions consultation

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Toyota New Zealand says the Government’s planned consultation on clean car standards and discounts is an encouraging step towards reducing New Zealand’s automotive carbon emissions.

The Government has proposed a clean car standard for importers and distributors as well as a clean car discount for consumers based on adding a fee to higher emitting imported new and used vehicles and a discount for low or zero emitting new and used vehicles retailing for less than $80,000.

Alistair Davis, Chief Executive of Toyota New Zealand said, “Globally, Toyota has set significant targets both in emissions reduction and availability of low or zero CO2 emission vehicles. The transport emission proposals provide a great opportunity to tighten regulations here in New Zealand to ensure we’re delivering at a local level.”

Mr Davis, who also chairs the Sustainable Business Council, says he will be reviewing the proposals in detail and welcomed the consultation process.

“With transport emissions accounting for nearly 20 per cent of all carbon output, we have a large influence on how New Zealand will progress to a zero-carbon economy. The proposals call for new standards and a ‘fee and rebate scheme’ in 2021. With the growing impact of climate change, we welcome the earliest possible introduction of the scheme,” Mr Davis said.

Toyota’s range of hybrid vehicles has grown significantly in the past 12 months with RAV4 and Corolla variants being added to the existing line-up of Prius and Camry hybrid options. Toyota NZ has already sold more hybrids in the first half of 2019 than the entire 2018 year.

“RAV4 hybrid has experienced unprecedented demand in New Zealand, and this trend has been amplified through global demand which is a testament to the mainstream acceptance of hybrid, and continued advancements in low emission drivetrain technology,” Mr Davis said.

Toyota is accelerating its development of low or zero CO2 emission vehicles to support its commitment to reducing the automotive emissions.
“We are working across all powertrain technologies and alternative fuel options to advance the technology availability to New Zealand consumers over the coming years,” he said.

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