Whatever you’re cooking, shiitake’s the secret

For Meadow Mushrooms

Meadow Mushrooms is excited to launch New Zealand grown premium shiitake mushrooms as an extension to their already popular range of mushrooms, which are well known and loved by Kiwi families. With a firm and fleshy texture shiitake is the second most popular edible mushroom in the world and boasts a smoky, woody flavour, with an unmistakable umami taste – meaning a small amount goes a long way to enhancing all your favourite dishes.

The shiitake mushroom is famously known as the most cultivated exotic mushroom in the world. Unlike many mushrooms which grow in wheat straw compost, Meadow Mushroom’s shiitake mushrooms grow on sawdust logs, right here in New Zealand. Shiitake mushroom spores are used to inoculate the logs, which will start to fruit after around 100 days. 

Their meatiness makes them the perfect component to a stir-fry, salad, meat dish or soup, especially for vegetarians or vegans craving something hearty.

“This is a very exciting progression for Meadow Mushrooms, we recognised that New Zealanders are very adventurous with their cooking and decided that it was a must for us to embark on developing a shiitake farm” says John Barnes, CEO Meadow Mushrooms.

Shiitake mushrooms have traditionally been the secret weapon of Asian cooking, pairing beautifully with hints of ginger, garlic, chilli or a splash of soy sauce. The versatility of shiitake mushrooms, however, is lesser known. A punnet of fresh shiitake mushrooms can be a showstopping and nutritious addition to a range of your favourite recipes. Whether you’re wanting to change up your regular meals at home, impress your guests or experiment creatively in the kitchen, shiitake is the secret to rich, fragrant meals.

Meadow Mushrooms’ premium shiitake can completely transform the simplest of dishes. Perk up your spaghetti bolognese or mushrooms on toast in seconds by adding a handful of shiitake for a flavourful inclusion to a classic staple. Transform your usual chicken pie from dull to delicious in a flash, or warm up with a comforting, aromatic winter risotto. Shiitake can be a tasty addition to all your favourite wholesome plant-based dishes or can be served simply with a knob of butter, garlic and fresh herbs. It’s the distinct flavour and versatility of shiitake mushrooms which makes them the superhero of the mushroom world.

Sought after for its great flavour and firm texture, there is a high demand for fresh shiitake mushrooms around the world, making them an exciting and exotic new addition to Kiwi kitchens. Meadow Mushrooms have now made it easier to purchase fresh shiitake mushrooms in New Zealand by making pre-packs available from your local supermarkets.

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