What do Kiwis really want for Christmas?

By Wright Communications

The online survey of 1060 kiwis found that most (61%) are spending Christmas just where they want to, with the majority spending Christmas at home (48%) or with relatives in New Zealand (53%). This doesn't come as a surprise considering 76% of Kiwis would prefer a sunny Christmas, rather than sneak off for a Northern Hemisphere white Christmas.

For many of us Christmas is about getting together with family and friends (84%). Christmas is one of those rare occasions when even workaholics relax and this is evident in the survey results with 72% of Kiwis stating they won't be checking their work emails on Christmas Day ( although sadly, 28% of us will be!).

December appears to be the time when we really get into the spirit and is when 61% of us think shops should put up their Christmas decorations. The majority of Kiwis started Christmas shopping in November (24%) and December (32%). Some of us got in early with 13% of the more organized Kiwis doing their shopping before September. Most of us will be shopping for gifts for family and friends, with only a minority (8%) not buying presents at all.

While we are splashing out on friends and family, it appears we aren't so generous with Santa. The majority of households (71%) are not leaving any presents or snacks out for Santa on Christmas Eve. For those of us who do treat Mr Claus, the most popular items left out for him are a mince pie and beer, milk and biscuits or carrots for the reindeer.

So, what do we want for Christmas? Men and women both want good times with family and friends and time out to relax and unwind. Perfume, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes and shoes were some of the top gift choices for women, while electronic gadgets (cell phone, computer, laptop) and cash or vouchers were some of the men's pick of gifts they would like to receive.

When it comes to cooking mums across the country will be in charge of preparing the Christmas spread (38%), followed by in-laws or extended family (27%) and dads (14%).

And when it's time to open presents, most of us will be sitting around a Christmas tree of the artificial kind with 71% of those investing in a Christmas tree opting for the fake option. 


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