Trucks ready to deliver as soon as roads passable

Trucking companies are ready to deliver supplies to places that have been cut off by slips, flooding and tree falls as soon as the roads are passable.

National Road Carriers Association (NRC) CEO Justin Tighe-Umbers says NRC’s 1,500 truck company members, who operate more than 20,000 trucks throughout New Zealand, are doing everything they can to keep the supply chain open.

“Cyclone Gabrielle has had a devastating effect on the country’s roads, but the storm will pass and roading contractors are working hard to re-open the roading network.”

Mr Tighe-Umbers said for NRC truck company members, safety of their drivers is paramount. “They are doing frequent risk assessments in a very dynamic situation that changes hour by hour as the cyclone moves through the country.”

He said there was no need for people to panic buy, as suppliers and retailers had good warning the cyclone was coming and are stocked up with essential supplies including food and medicines.

“While some places like the Coromandel Peninsula are cut off today, we expect contractors will get at least single lanes open relatively quickly, and most places have alternate routes. We expect areas such as Bay of Plenty and Waikato to start opening from tomorrow.”

Mr Tighe-Umbers said 93 per cent of goods are delivered by trucks so when roads do re-open it is important trucks are given priority to ensure essential supplies are delivered to cyclone-stricken communities.

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