Trade Me boosts Fastway business

By Wright Communications

In November last year Trade Me began offering a "book a courier" service for sellers on the Trade Me website.

"We wanted to work with carriers who could help us offer a best-in-class courier service for Trade Me members," said Rick Davies, Trade Me's commercial manager. "Fastway was an obvious choice - they were willing to adapt and provide the innovative approach we were after."

From a handful of parcel pick-ups per day at the end of last year, Fastway drivers were averaging more than 800 pick-ups per day last month.

The nationwide courier service provider has seen its turnover increase as a result of this new business with a typical national spread.

"We have also seen a lift in earnings for our residential based Courier Franchisees which is a fantastic outcome," said Scott Jenyns the Chief Executive Officer of Fastway Couriers.

Previously it had been the responsibility of the buyer or seller by mutual arrangement to organise the shipping of the goods. As a result, there was often a disconnect with regards to cost and service, but now by using 'Book a Courier', Trade Me members get transparent upfront pricing along with a clearer understanding of the delivery promise. It takes away the hassle of arranging the shipping of the goods.

Trade Me offers clients a choice of two courier companies, so Fastway does not have a monopoly on the business.

Mr Davies said Trade Me had been looking for a better overall shipping experience and the aim was to deliver a service that its members would love.

"We're an online marketplace and hassle-free shipping is an important part of that. Traders' expectations are changing all the time so we've worked with Fastway to create a service where people don't even need to leave their house. They can just book online, write a number on the box, and a courier magically arrives to pick it up."

Mr Jenyns said Fastway was proud to be associated with Trade Me. "Our franchised network understands the importance of an excellent customer experience. With the boom of online retailing our franchisees are the face of many retailers who do not get to meet or greet their customers."

Fastway offers both a signature and non-signature service, with customers not having to deal with any paperwork as it is all handled electronically online, especially as many transactions are now done on mobile devices, with no access to a printer.

Fastway also offers a pick-up and drop off service via its parcel connect agency which means customers do not have to be present to send or receive a parcel.

"We are starting to see quite a bit of repeat business from people who trade regularly," said Mr Jenyns. "The service is getting great feedback."

Fastway is owned by Aramex, an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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