Toyota winners announced – 25 charities receive new Corollas

By Wright Communications

The winners were announced today after a total of 515 charities registered to be in the running for one of 25 cars to use for three years, with nearly 40,000 people voting for their favourite charity through Facebook over the past four weeks.

The five charities with the most votes were Orphans Aid International Trust, Basketball New Zealand Incorporated, Sands Manukau, Girl Guides and Huha Charitable Trust, all of whom received more than 850 votes apiece.

Sue van Schreven, CEO and Founder of Orphans Aid International Charitable Trust, which received the largest number of votes at 1174, says the use of a car for three years will be enormously beneficial in the charity's work which includes helping needy children around New Zealand and rescuing abandoned children in places such as India, Romania and Russia.

"Getting a car is fantastic, because it means we can get around and promote our cause better and raise more funds. Up until now volunteers have had to use their own vehicles because we have no budget for transport," she says.

"This is an awesome thing for Toyota to do and we are really grateful to them because we would not have a car otherwise. Thanks also to our supporter base who have worked hard to generate votes for us over the past four weeks."

Toyota General Manager of Marketing Neeraj Lala says working on '25 Ways to Say Thanks' has been a highlight for the Toyota team.  "It has been really gratifying to see the fantastic work being done by charities around New Zealand and the backing they receive from Kiwis."

He says '25 Ways to Say Thanks' was a great way for Toyota to celebrate 25 years of market leadership. "We wanted to recognise and show our appreciation to customers who have supported us for over 25 years. This initiative allowed them to decide which charities would receive 25 Corollas for three years, and we have been overwhelmed with the response.

"We also wanted to increase the awareness of the amazing contribution of all the charities throughout New Zealand who work hard to make this country a great place to live."

The full list of 25 winning charities is as follows:

  1. Orphans Aid International Charitable Trust, 1174 votes
  2. Basketball New Zealand Incorporated, 1050 votes
  3. Sands Manukau, 962 votes
  4. The Girl Guides Association of New Zealand Incorporated, 885 votes
  5. Huha Charitable Trust, 867 votes
  6. The Key to Life Charitable Trust, 785 votes
  7. Monty Betham Steps for Life Foundation Trust, 784 votes
  8. Carers New Zealand, 751 votes
  9. Kidscan Charitable Trust, 750 votes

10.  Familial Trust, 734 votes

11.  Zeal Education Trust, 733 votes

12.  Leg-Up Trust, 700 votes

13.  Sir Peter Blake Trust, 675 votes

14.  Huntington's Disease Association (Auckland) Incorporated, 670 votes

15.  The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland and the North Shore Incorporated, 661 votes

16.  New Wine New Zealand Trust, 660 votes

17.  Canteen The New Zealand Organisation Supporting Young People Living With Cancer Incorporated, 657 votes

18.  New Zealand Endometriosis Foundation Charitable Trust, 651 votes

19.  SADD Aotearoa - Students Against Drunk Driving Charitable Trust, 651 votes

20.  Blue Light Ventures Incorporated, 650 votes

21.  The Scout Association of New Zealand, 646 votes

22.  Assistance Dogs New Zealand, 644 votes

23.  Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust, 639 votes

24.  Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand, 635 votes

25.  Te Omanga Hospice Trust, 629 votes


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