Toyota supports need to meet Paris climate commitment

By Wright Communications

"Business can't succeed in a society that fails, or on a planet that fails - so Toyota has a highly developed sense of responsibility for the world around us," said Alistair Davis, Toyota New Zealand's CEO.

Mr Davis, who is also the chairman of the Sustainable Business Council, said Toyota New Zealand wants to work with the Government to transition to a low carbon economy.

A report by Vivid Economics, commissioned by the cross-parliamentary GLOBE (Global Legislators of a Balanced Environment), has outlined a set of pathways that could lead New Zealand to a net zero emissions outcome by 2050.

Mr Davis said Toyota welcomes the Vivid report as a conversation starter about what needs to be done to meet the Paris commitment.

The cross party approach in commissioning the Vivid report was to be applauded said Mr Davis and he encourages the Government to continue collaborating with business and civil society.

Toyota is the New Zealand leader in the sale of hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel consumption with 40 per cent of its Lexus sales being hybrid models. It is also committed to importing plug in hybrid Prius models while it works on making new plug in technology more accessible in New Zealand.

All Toyota dealers in New Zealand have Enviromark Gold certification, the only motor manufacturer to do so. It has partnered with the Department of Conservation to provide the Toyota Kiwi Guardians programme to get primary school aged children into the outdoors and focused on protecting New Zealand's flora and fauna for future generations.


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