Tiger Fintech appoints Greg Boland as CEO

Tiger Fintech (NZ) Limited, a subsidiary of leading online brokerage firm Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited, has appointed industry veteran Greg Boland as Chief Executive Officer. Tiger Fintech (NZ) Limited provides a seamless online global trading experience for Kiwi investors.

“As Tiger Brokers continues to gain traction as an ideal choice for global investment among Kiwi investors, this hire helps reinforce two pillars of our business: service and compliance,” said Vincent Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited. " The team will be more than confident in our commitment to compliance and investor satisfaction knowing Greg has joined our rapidly expanding team."

Greg Boland has dedicated himself to capital markets for over 30 years and, prior to joining Tiger Brokers, held numerous managerial roles including Director and NZX Adviser, Head of Derivatives and Compliance Manager across financial firms in New Zealand, including Craigs Investment Partners, OM Financial Limited and the New Zealand Futures & Options Exchange.

Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited also recently added two new senior members, Brent Weenink as Chair of Risk & Compliance Committee and Michelle Fotiades as Clearing & Settlement Manager.

Brent Weenink previously worked as the General Counsel – Head of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at OM Financial Limited for five years. During 2006 to 2015, he worked as the Head of Legal & Compliance – Managing Director at BBY (NZ) Limited.

Michelle Fotiades is an operations expert with 20 years of management experience in the securities industry, has previously worked at ASB Securities, Goldman Sachs NZ and Goldman Sachs JB Were.

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