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Dry July NZ Trust introduces Dry(ish) July, allowing people to choose how long they go dry for, to raise vital funds for people affected by cancer.

Auckland, New Zealand – There’s no denying that 2020 has been a challenging year. And while Dry July has always been a 31 day challenge to raise funds for people affected by cancer, this year only, Dry July NZ Trust has decided to include a few new options to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in Dry July. Introducing Dry(ish) July: encouraging the nation to go as dry as they’re willing to try, to fundraise for people affected by cancer.

For this year only, Dry July NZ Trust is giving Kiwis the opportunity to commit to the original 31 day challenge or our new Dry(ish) July options of 21, or 14 days dry, or to nominate their own time period to take a break from alcohol.

“We get it, Kiwis have had a really challenging first half of 2020. But what remains unchanged is that people affected by cancer still need our support. In fact, they need our support more than ever,” said Dry July NZ Trust CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Macdonald. “We need as many people as possible to get involved with Dry July this year. That’s why, for the first time in Dry July NZ’s 8year history, we’re giving Kiwis the opportunity to choose how long to go dry for, to help raise much-needed funds for cancer patients and their families.”

“Not only are we excited to announce our Dry(ish) July campaign for this year, but we are also excited to welcome two new beneficiaries to the Dry July NZ Trust family. Bowel Cancer New Zealand and Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand will join Look Good Feel Better as our major beneficiaries of the campaign and we look forward to working with them and raising funds for those affected by cancer,” says Brett.

Money raised by Dry July participants will help fund the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand (PCFNZ) program, Prost-FIT. Prost-FIT is an exercise programme designed specifically for men who have had, or are having, ongoing treatment for prostate cancer. Dry July will become an integral partner in providing funding support for the Prost-FIT program.

Dry July NZ Trust will also support Bowel Cancer New Zealand in 2020 - a nationwide, patient-focused charity dedicated to beating bowel cancer. As one of the most common cancers in New Zealand, bowel cancer has a devastating effect on hundreds of families across the country each year. The Dry July NZ Trust will help to fund a bowel cancer specialist nurse to provide information to those affected by bowel cancer, and will also facilitate access to counselling, physio, remedial massage, accommodation and travel support for those undergoing bowel cancer treatment.

Dry July NZ Trust will also continue to support Look Good Feel Better in 2020 – a charity that provides free, community-based programmes for any person, facing any cancer, at any time. Look Good Feel Better Classes support cancer patients impacted by the visible and emotional effects of their diagnosis and treatment.
Providing funds to three cancer charities allows the Dry July NZ Trust to make targeted impacts, helping to improve the comfort and wellbeing of the patients and loved ones of those affected by cancer. “After a successful 2019 campaign, we’re extremely excited to see how funds raised from Dry July this year can be used to support people affected by cancer in 2020. The demand for the programs we support through Dry July fundraising shows just how crucial they are to individuals affected by cancer nationwide,” said Dry July NZ Trust CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Macdonald.

Since Dry July NZ Trust launched into New Zealand in 2012, the campaign has solidified itself as a part of Kiwi culture, with more people each year marking July in their diaries to put down the alcohol for a good cause. To date, Dry July has inspired 37,000 Kiwis to go dry, raising $5.1 million for people affected by cancer in New Zealand.

Remember, Dry July not only allows you to help others by fundraising - you’ll also be improving your own health. Taking a break from alcohol can provide you with a number of benefits, both physical and mental – such as an increase in energy levels, potential weight loss, a better night’s sleep, improved liver function, and a clearer head.

After a challenging few months, now’s a great time to sign up for a Dry July and make a difference. Reach out to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and join a Dry July team together or ask them to support your Dry July and make a donation. Every dollar you raise will directly benefit the lives of people affected by cancer across the country – a disease that has touched all our lives in some way.

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