The campaign giving Kiwis every chance in their fight against cancer

Dry July 2024 begins in less than one week, with funds raised to be used to support Kiwis affected by cancer.

“It’s cancer.” Those life-changing words stop hearts and alters lives. Every 22 minutes, another New Zealander hears this devastating news. In July alone, over 2,200 Kiwis will be diagnosed with cancer.

Dry July is calling on New Zealanders to give up alcohol for a month and raise essential funds that provide free wellbeing sessions, education, support, advocacy, and rehabilitation programmes led by certified oncology physiotherapists. These services are crucial for helping cancer patients navigate life beyond their diagnosis and treatment.

Why go Dry this July? Because by doing something good for yourself, you are helping another Kiwi battle cancer.

The best way to understand the impact of Dry July is through the stories of those who have benefited from the services funded by the campaign first-hand.

Celia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer aged 37:
"As a single mum with three young children, it was really tough to be diagnosed with cancer and remain strong for them. After chemo and surgery, I went into surgical menopause accompanied with extreme fatigue and depression. I was struggling mentally and physically, having lost a lot of confidence and trust in my body. Going to these classes, seeing a whole bunch of women who were going through similar journeys, my ability and confidence grew, and I realised I was capable of exercising, and I felt so much better for it,” says Celia.

Nick was just 45 years old when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer:
“Prostate cancer is not just an old man’s disease, I was the youngest male my specialist had ever operated on. There are many lasting effects beyond the physical. The mental journey is a major part of any cancer. Men are unlikely to sit around and share their cancer stories, but if you do an activity together, you share stories in a safe space. These classes provided that for me, helping me rebuild my physical strength and process the emotional impact of cancer."

Melissa is coming to terms with her new normal:
"I found out I had triple-negative breast cancer, and my world came crashing down. How am I still standing here after five months of poison? I just want to get rid of this cancer. Every Monday is blood work, every Wednesday chemo – but in between that, I have my classes. I did makeup, hair loss and the scarves, the eyebrow focus, chair yoga, and Pilates. It gives some fun in my life and something to look forward to."

By going alcohol-free for a month, participants will experience personal health benefits, including improved sleep and energy levels. The impact of Dry July goes beyond the health benefits for our fantastic participants; it’s there to provide vital programmes to New Zealanders at every stage of their cancer journey.

Dry July NZ Trust is excited to expand its partnership network, adding non-alcoholic beverage retail store The Chiller and vitamin and mineral supplement brand Berocca as partners in 2024. The new partnerships complement official campaign partner Lyres Non-Alcoholic Spirit Co., marking a significant milestone in the campaign's mission to unite like-minded organisations committed to making a difference for those affected by cancer.

Registrations for Dry July 2024 are now open and every contribution makes a difference. Visit to get involved. Registrations for Dry July 2024 are now open and every contribution makes a difference. Visit to get involved.

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