Surf turfs plastic scoops in 2022

Surf, New Zealand’s best-selling laundry powder, is removing plastic scoops across its laundry powder range, starting mid-2022.

While the scoops are currently recyclable, in removing them from packs, Unilever will reduce the amount of plastic in circulation in New Zealand by 14.9 tonnes (the equivalent to 3.7 million plastic scoops) every year. The landmark move aligns with Unilever’s global commitments to transform and reimagine the way its cleaning and laundry products are created, manufactured, and packaged so that they are kinder to the planet.

Lorna Ash, Unilever Australia and New Zealand Head of Homecare says, “Kiwis have always enjoyed the convenience of plastic scoops in our laundry powders, but we recognised that including a scoop in every pack just wasn’t necessary or sustainable. We saw an opportunity to make a big difference for the good of our planet. By removing the scoops from our Surf powders, we’re giving Kiwis a more sustainable option at the shelf, whilst still ensuring they get the best clean for their clothes.”

Lorna says Unilever is giving people time to get used to the idea. “We want to ensure that Kiwis have enough time to prepare for the change, which is why we’re asking Kiwis to keep hold of their existing scoops so that their laundry experience with Surf remains as easy and effective as it always has been when the scoops are removed next year.”

Using the correct amount of laundry powder is important for the efficacy of the product and the safe operation of the washing machine. Lorna says, “We will continue communicating the dosage in ‘scoops’ on the Surf products, so it’s important to hold onto this key measuring tool. If you find yourself without a scoop, contact the Surf customer care line and we’ll send you one to use over and over again.”

Many of Unilever’s popular laundry brands including Persil and Surf are already delivering products made with recycled plastic packaging, and concentrated formats made with less plastic. The company has also launched Persil liquids made with naturally derived ingredients, as part of its commitment to replace 100% of the carbon derived from fossil fuels in product formulations with renewable or recycled carbon by 2030.

From December 2021, Unilever will communicate the scoops removal to Kiwi consumers through in-store promotions and social media.

Surf customer care line: 0800 108 806

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