South Waikato investing in small businesses

The South Waikato region has steadily been gaining recognition as a hub for business success, including The Pressie Box – a thriving small business run by local-born-and-bred entrepreneur Rachael Beale.

The success of Pressie Box is a testament to the region’s potential for growth and the help provided by the South Waikato Investment Fund Trust (SWIFT), who helped remove the financial burden for Rachael to access specialised capability and development training, focusing on business growth. 

The Pressie Box specialises in curating and delivering gift baskets and hampers containing chocolates, beverages, magazines and more to customers across New Zealand.

Deciding not to return to her role as a financial manager after the birth of her third child, Rachael found herself looking around for business opportunities and in 2010, The Pressie Box was born.

Like many small business owners in the beginning, Rachael tried to maintain her full-time role at the South Waikato District Council (SWDC) alongside The Pressie Box, rushing home during her lunch breaks to pack and send orders.

“A double income is lovely, but you eventually have to give your all to the business,” she says.

“What makes this business special is its strategic location at the heart of New Zealand, allowing Rachael to efficiently reach customers across the country.

“Because of our central SH1 location, we’re able to send orders throughout the North Island overnight in most cases, and South Island is two nights,” says Rachael. “It is an excellent base for any business with nationwide ambitions.”

SWIFT’s support for The Pressie Box was complemented by the opportunity for Rachael to work closely alongside a mentor who provided insights, guidance, and expertise. Rachael participated in workshop sessions with SWIFT, setting the stage for her businesses’ growth and development.

“The SWIFT support has meant I have been able to work with people who are experts in their field, such as Courtney Haines, who helped me further develop my skills,” says Rachael.

SWIFT CEO Amanda Hema commended Rachael for her proactive attitude. “Rachael is very driven and has attended several business growth initiatives that SWIFT provide,” she says.

“The team at SWIFT are delighted to have purchased gift boxes in the past and can attest to receiving a beautiful, high-quality product.

“We’re proud to support the growth of such a great business in the South Waikato,” she says. “SWIFT looks forward to supporting other business through business development training in the same way.”

As South Waikato continues to rise as a prime destination for businesses, investors, and residents, the collaboration between SWIFT and The Pressie Box shows the possibilities that await those who choose to be a part of the community.

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