Significant investment in transport shows this Government is serious about transport

Yesterday’s Budget was everything National promised. A balance between re-prioritisation and targeted investment in the areas New Zealanders have been calling for. 1.9 million households are going to benefit from the promised tax relief and critical services such as health and education are ear marked for significant investment.

Likewise, transport is receiving $2.68 billion, including an additional $1 billion to accelerate the delivery of the Road of National significance and major public transport projects.

“This Government appreciates that if we are to unlock our economic potential and stimulate growth investment in roading infrastructure is key,” says Justin Tighe-Umbers, CEO, National Road Carriers. “This Budget is rightly looking at what investment needs to happen in the short term to set us up for success in the long term. When it comes to freight and ensuring New Zealanders have the products they need it, when they need them roading is critical.”

“The reality of New Zealand’s topography, scale and disparate population is that every mode needs road. Intermodal transport solutions must work together to create efficiencies and increase productivity, so it is pleasing to see rail is also being prioritised in terms of funding as it is a key part of the freight mix.”

NRC is continuing to call on officials make sure roading infrastructure is supported by a 50-year plan. A strong pipeline will promote investment, build resilience in the network, and gives contractors the confidence to invest in their people, technologies and engineering solutions that will further enhance the quality of the network.

“For our members this increased investment in roading infrastructure means they can look forward to roads that are better maintained, repaired quicker and ultimately safer,” concludes Tighe-Umbers. “And when the road is your workplace, that definitely counts as a positive.”

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