Sachie’s Kitchen gets cooking with Lexus

By Wright Communications

Specialising in teaching and running corporate events, Sachie's Kitchen offers cooking classes in authentic Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Chinese, Korean and Indian cuisine.

"It is a philosophy that fits very well with Lexus' values," said Paul Carroll, the Senior General Manager for Lexus New Zealand.

"Asian cuisine is all about offering a detailed service to customers with personal touches," said Mr. Carroll. "That parallels Lexus' philosophy of Omotenashi for the owners of our cars - looking after them personally, treating them as a guest."

The often-intricate presentation of Asian cuisine also reflects the Takumi craftsmanship of the manufacture of Lexus models, said Mr. Carroll.

"Sachie understands Lexus' cultural values and what we are trying to do with the brand in New Zealand."

Mr. Carroll said Sachie's business reflected the brave and imaginative ideas that Lexus was bringing to the luxury end of the car market.

Many of the interior features of Lexus are the result of detailed craftsmanship - hand stitched leather, manually shaped wood grain inserts and other cabin ornamentation - similar in many ways to the hands-on creation of Asian inspired cuisine.

Brought up in the Aichi region near Toyota City, Sachie has links to Lexus' parent company, Toyota. Her father worked for Toyota for 45 years and her brother still does.

She came to New Zealand as an 18-year-old university student and after graduating in Chinese linguistics worked in the hospitality and tourism industry before setting up Sachie's Kitchen in 2010.

Sachie discovered a love for cuisine as a child helping her parents at home, as both had full-time jobs. "I was the household sous chef. When I came to New Zealand all of my friends were chefs."

Eight years ago, she decided to "follow my dream," and established her own business which has won a slew of awards and has introduced over 50,000 Kiwis and counting to a wide variety of Asian cooking and cuisine at Australasia's most popular Asian cooking school.

Mr. Carroll said Lexus owners would get the opportunity to experience Sachie's Kitchen and its interpretation of Omotenashi and Takumi craftsmanship.


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