Raised speed limits will make goods delivery faster

The Government’s announcement today it will raise speed limits where it is safe to do so on the open road and local roads will help make goods delivery faster says National Road Carriers Association (NRC).

“The Government last week announced it plans to improve the quality of the roads with State Highway and Local Road Pothole Prevention funds totalling nearly $4 billion that will make faster travel safe and effective,” says NRC CEO Justin Tighe-Umbers.

“Setting speed limits for Roads of National Significance of up to 120kmh and reversing speed limits for local streets, arterial roads and state highways will help to reduce travel times and therefore labour costs for freight operators and speed up the delivery of goods to stores and consumers.

“In some cases it will mean operators will be able to extend the length of trips before having to make compulsory rest stops – which will be a game-changer.”

“We are delighted the Government plans to push these proposed changes through public consultation and launch them on 1 July 2025.”

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