Rags to riches via the power of the mind

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Since then she has negotiated multi-million dollar production investment deals with some of the most distinguished animation companies in the world for her transformational cartoon series, The KaPow of NOW!

The creator of the global transformational movement, Kat Dawes, is in New Zealand this week to launch the country's first Healthy Living Show taking place from November 2 to 4 at Auckland's Viaduct Event Centre.

With wisdom beyond her years, Kat's personal story is one of conquering her future and making her dreams a reality now.  She has gone on to create NOWism TV and is a sought after personal development speaker and coach.

Kat Dawes is dynamic, witty and fun. She is one of the most unique personal development speakers on the planet and living proof of the possibilities. Kat is available for interviews Wednesday October 10 through to Thursday October 11th, when she will be attending the launch of the Healthy Living Show at the Rialto Cinema, in Newmarket, Auckland.

About the Healthy Living Show

The Healthy Living Show is a three-day health and well-being extravaganza, from 2-4 November at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.  The event will feature seminars and workshops from some of the world's most prominent experts in the field, alongside 100 hand-picked local and international exhibitors of products and services in the healthy living sector.

In addition to attending Kat Dawes seminars, show attendees can hear from some of the world's most inspirational speakers including:

  • Bob Proctor (Canada): Leading author of You Were Born Rich, and featured in the film The Secret, Bob will speak about how to create your own abundant and prosperous life
  • Victoria Boutenko (USA): Award-winning author of Green for Life, Victoria will talk about how greens nourish the body and help prevent disease
  • Dr Libby Weaver: Leading nutrition specialist, weight loss expert and author, Dr Libby will talk about stress and the modern world
  • Professor Sir Lloyd Geering: Radical thinker, acclaimed author, lecturer, Presbyterian minister, columnist and university professor Dr Lloyd Geering talks about evolving towards your true self in-tune with the universe
  • Shamash Alidina (UK): One of the UK's most well known mindfulness coaches presents a seminar on how to use this phenomenal technique to reduce stress.
  • Johann Bernhardt: Leading architect and author of A Deeper Shade of Green will discuss how to create healthy living spaces
  • And many more.

To view the presenter and exhibitor schedule and for more information or to purchase tickets go to www.healthylivingshow.co.nz


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