Niue water high quality

By Wright Communications

Chief Executive Felicity Bollen was responding to recent comments that bottled water from the island, shortly destined for the export market, may not be safe for consumption.

Bollen says the water being sourced from the island's aquifers for the export trade was tested by New Zealand's largest independent analytical laboratory, RJ Hill Laboratories in Christchurch, in March this year. She says Hill Laboratories tested the water for pH and alkalinity levels, corrosiveness, hardness, nitrate, Boron and metal levels tests and bacterial content. "In their final assessment, Hills said Niue Water met the NZ Ministry of Health guidelines laid down in the publication 'Drinking Water Standards for NZ 2005 (Revised 2008)'."

Additional claims that the farm site where the water for bottling is sourced was contaminated with agricultural chemicals was also incorrect, says Bollen.  "That location is an organically certified farm; no herbicides or pesticides are used at all."

Bollen says the water-bottling enterprise is an exciting new commercial development for the island. "We are acknowledged internationally as having a pristine marine environment - this includes the water from our aquifers, and we're happy to market that to the world to grow Niue's economy."

Niue Water is being developed and marketed by Vaiea Farms Ltd.  Bollen says the first consignments of the water are expected to reach markets in Dec 2016.


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