New waterfront building an inspiration for Auckland

By Wright Communications

Owned by Kiwi Income Property Trust, the stunning landmark ASB North Wharf building is tenanted by ASB Bank.

From conception to completion, the building has been developed with the highest standards of sustainability in mind.  Features that earned it the five star rating include water-efficient fittings and rainwater harvesting for irrigation and toilet flushing; a high performance facade with external screen for solar and wind control; and windows that open to allow natural ventilation.

Around 5,000 steel louvres will help collect heat and light for the interior without obstructing views of the harbour.

The building will also use substantially less artificial light due to the giant reflector or 'Helioflek' on its roof.  This reflects natural light from different angles, which is dispersed throughout the structure.

Activity-based working has been embedded in the design - with quiet and collaborative spaces scattered through the work floors. The workforce (except for a few key positions) will be mobile, with no assigned desks. The system, which is now commonplace in new corporate fit-outs, aims to reduce paper and electricity use and free up the ability of colleagues to meet, collaborate and boost creativity.

NZGBC CEO Alex Cutler says the building is almost a textbook case of how sustainability features and excellent design can combine to create commercial buildings fit for the future.

"This building provides a template for other developers and tenants looking at how to create liveable, sustainable buildings that will stand the test of time," she says.

"We hope it inspires other corporates to make the effort to 'go green' early in the planning and building process - because it pays off in many ways down the track."

Owner Kiwi Income Property Trust says the investment in creating a sustainable building - and having it certified by the NZGBC - was well worth it.

"Achieving excellence in sustainability was part of creating a world-class working environment," says Chris Gudgeon, chief executive of KIPT.

Waterfront Auckland CEO John Dalzell says the NZGBC certification is great news and all involved should be applauded for setting the bar for others to follow.

"We need more buildings like this on the waterfront and in Wynyard Quarter in particular where we have a strong vision to create an area that will demonstrate a new paradigm of environmentally sustainable mixed-use development for New Zealand. Whether it's green building techniques or renewable energy, we all have a vested interest in creating a sustainable Auckland waterfront that is resilient to change."



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