New era of stylish, dynamic, emotional design at Toyota

By Wright Communications

The latest Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid, C-HR, Camry and soon to be launched Corolla are a result of Toyota's global president Akio Toyoda challenging the company's designers to create cars that speak to people's emotions.

"Our designers are car enthusiasts and have answered Toyoda-san's challenge," said Neeraj Lala, Toyota New Zealand's General Manager of Product and New Vehicle sales.

"They are devoting their working life to designing desirable cars that look great and provide an engaging driving experience for a new generation of motorists."

The newest designs are resulting in more daring styling that has been made possible by the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

Under Mr Toyoda's brief to develop designs that stir people's emotions and make them want to drive a Toyota, the designers and engineers are working more collaboratively from the outset to develop vehicles that connect on an emotional level, said Mr Lala.

"It's no coincidence this has started with the TNGA platform that is the basis of the new vehicle line-up."

The TNGA platforms have allowed styling freedoms such as lower rooflines and bonnets which weren't possible before, leading to visually distinctive designs with more appealing proportions, said Mr Lala.

A lower centre of gravity, more rigid body, new suspension systems and greater use of high strength steel provide the balanced handling, ride and a more engaging drive the TNGA platforms are already becoming known for.

"TNGA is providing more fun to drive cars and giving designers the freedom to produce stronger more attractive styling," said Mr Lala.

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