Moana New Zealand backs Northland kids

By Wright Communications

Moana New Zealand, Aotearoa's largest Iwi-owned fishing company, has significant aquaculture and finfish operations in Northland.

Kiwi Can is a life skills and values programme delivered to schools by trained Kiwi Can leaders.

Every child in the school attends a Kiwi Can lesson once a week, every week of the school year.

Moana New Zealand Chief Executive, Carl Carrington, says the company is proud to work with an organisation that is committed to supporting Kiwi kids.

"Kiwi Can is a great fit for Aotearoa Fisheries because our values are closely aligned, including the value of manaakitanga - looking after our people," he says.

"An opportunity for sponsorship in the Whangaroa region came up and we knew there was a synergy with our business in the area."

"We have a strong commitment to Northland and to Māori and the Kiwi Can partnership made sense on both counts," he says.

Kiwi Can is focused on five to 12-year-olds and currently reaches more than 15,000 children in about 70 schools around the country.

It delivers a range of physical, mental and creative challenges - plus high-energy, fun, safe and interactive lessons that reinforce the schools' goals and curriculum.

CEO Marion Short says Kiwi Can is thankful for the support of Moana New Zealand in a high need region such as Northland.

"The Kiwi Can programme engages students, reduces truancy and improves listening and communication skills.

"Kiwi Can also builds confidence, reduces bullying and helps children play cooperatively and resolve behavioural issues more easily.

"However, we wouldn't be able to run the programme without the support of sponsors such as Moana New Zealand."

Through its sponsorship of Kiwi Can, Moana New Zealand will be helping over 600 kiwi kids at seven Northland schools.

Carl Carrington says Moana New Zealand is open to working with Kiwi Can in other areas where the company has strong links to the local community.

"Moana is all about helping future generations, whether that's through helping Kiwi kids learn valuable life skills or renewing our fishers' fleet to reduce environmental impacts.  These values are part of who we are as a business."


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