Mayor Brown hits the cone on the head

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has hit the cone on the head – it’s time to adopt a more sensible approach to traffic management says National Road Carriers Association (NRC).

NRC CEO Justin Tighe-Umbers says in 2022 Waka Kotahi proposed a shift to a risk-based approach to roadworks safety versus the prescriptive one-size-fits all tick-box approach of coning off everything. 

“Auckland Transport didn’t agree, and the result is the road cone mountain commuters now navigate across our largest and busiest city,” says Mr Tighe-Umbers.

“Auckland Transport and other local bodies need to allow tailored traffic management that is job-appropriate, less costly, and far less disruptive.

“We agree with Mayor Brown that the current overly prescriptive traffic management regime is unjustifiable. It is placing unnecessary economic cost and disruption on Aucklanders.

“Road maintenance needs to be a priority, but it must be done more efficiently so the impact on the communities is minimised.”

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