Limited editions celebrate 10 years of F marque Lexus models

By Wright Communications

Just 500 of these special edition models have been manufactured globally and Lexus New Zealand have been fortunate to secure 5 RC F coupes and 10 GS F sports sedans for the local market.

"These models are the purest expression of Lexus performance," said Paul Carroll, the Senior General Manager of Lexus New Zealand.

"These limited anniversary edition vehicles celebrate Lexus' commitment to performance through the F brand, and are built for drivers to immerse themselves in pure driving pleasure and satisfying performance."

Exclusive to the anniversary models, a matte paint finish in Nebula Grey accentuates the powerful lines and sculpted surfaces while providing a striking contrast with the gloss black finish of the unique 19-inch alloy wheels and blue Brembo brake callipers. It is the first use of a matte paint finish on a Lexus since the LFA supercar.

In the RC F coupe, the front sport seats are finished in a vibrant blue semi-aniline accented leather with white accents. The same blue finish can be found on the shift knob, steering wheel, front seat belt straps and instrument panel hood. The RC F anniversary edition also includes a unique embossed headlining as part of the package to give the coupe's interior an even more personalised appearance.

For the GS F sedan, the front seats mimic those in the RC F while the rear seats also get a splash of blue leather on the side bolsters. Additional blue carbon trim is used on the centre console along with a blue Alcantara® dash trim and blue seatbelt straps for the front and outer rear seats. There is additional blue leather trim on the steering wheel, console and shift knob. A sunroof is also included on the GS F replacing the embossed headliner on the RC F.

Each anniversary edition model is fitted with a discreet metal plaque on the interior trim highlighting the car's limited edition status.

The two cars feature an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift transmission that offers a wide range of sophisticated and driver-selectable electronic features, including G sensors and artificial intelligence software for sports driving.

Few engines can match a naturally aspirated V8 when it comes to delivering seamless power from idle to redline. The 5.0 litre V8 in the GS F and RC F is engineered for low weight and high strength with forged connecting rods and titanium valves that allow a 7,300-rpm redline. Large slotted brake discs provide the stopping power required in a sports car of this calibre.

Lexus meticulously tested the torque vectoring differential system at the Nürburgring and Japan's Fuji Speedway to fine-tune its operation and co-operation with the vehicle dynamic integrated management (VDIM) system featuring a SPORT mode and an EXPERT setting for circuit driving.

The Lexus F symbol is derived from the name and design of Japan's Fuji Speedway, the home of Lexus performance vehicle development. It represents the first letter of the famed track's name and depicts the first corner of Fuji Speedway, commonly known as 27R.

It was first used as an internal code for the original LS 400 sedan in 1989 and Lexus subsequently trademarked the emblem in 2006.

The first production F badged car was the IS F, a V8 engined version of the IS sedan range, available in New Zealand in 2008. The limited edition LFA supercar appeared in 2009, with the RC F following in 2014 and the GS F in 2015.

F Sport models are also available across the Lexus range of SUVs, sedans and coupes with both petrol and hybrid electric powertrains.

Unique cosmetic upgrades and more sporting suspension packages set the F Sport variants apart from the rest of the Lexus range.

Every Lexus purchased includes a transferrable 4 year unlimited kilometre, full maintenance service coverage, warranty plan and AA roadside service.

The limited edition anniversary models are priced at;

5.0 litre V8 RC F Coupe anniversary edition $177,500

5.0 litre V8 GS F Sedan anniversary edition $178,400

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