Lexus sales leapt up last year with double-digit growth

By Wright Communications

From the conceptual hoverboard and sports yacht through to the incredibly futuristic SKYJET that will feature in Luc Besson's new motion picture, Lexus has been gradually building a reputation as a supporter of exciting design ideas.

In New Zealand sales rose 12 per cent last year to 720 and are more than 50 percent up on five years ago, mirroring an increase in sales for all major markets.

Steve Prangnell, Toyota New Zealand General Manager of Sales, says that the 2016 figure is a new record for Lexus in New Zealand, and demonstrates the strength and growing appeal of the new product that's been brought into the country since 2012.

"Kiwis are identifying with the brand shift that Lexus has made over the past few years, and their judicious spend is reflective of that. They appreciate the leading-edge look they get with a Lexus.  

"The new sharp lines, spindle grille, arrowhead headlamps and precise proportions are bold yet simple and that is a very appealing design aesthetic to many luxury consumers. 

"The brand is truly transitioning and is growing in desirability. 

"Sales of hybrids, and in the SUV luxury crossover range (NX and RX and powerful LX luxury utility vehicles), are stronger than ever."

Prangnell says that Lexus has just launched the facelift IS sports sedan and the 'halo' Lexus LC 500 luxury sport coupé is expected to land after July.

"There is a lot of anticipation around that one," he smiles.

"The discerning local market is definitely moving our way, and we are well-positioned for growth in 2017," says Prangnell. 

The hybrid range extending to 12 models (CT 200h, NX 300h, RX 450h, ES 300h, GS 300h, LS 600h), blends fuel efficiency and instant power with the trademark Lexus luxury, made up 40% of total sales for 2016 with more New Zealanders than ever before pairing desirability with growing environmental awareness.


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