Lexus drives decarbonisation of car market

For Lexus New Zealand

With SUVs accounting for 79 percent of Lexus New Zealand’s sales, Lexus vehicles sold in June will produce less carbon emissions than any other brand including common small car manufacturers.

In fact, around 70 percent of all new Lexus cars and SUVs sold in New Zealand in June 2019 were self-charging hybrids, underscoring the desirability and quality of the technology. In the six months to 30 June, 57 percent of Lexus sales were self-charging hybrids.

Overall Lexus vehicles produce the lowest CO2 emissions in the luxury vehicle segment in New Zealand (excluding the zero-emitting Tesla), ahead of the three premium German brands and other European luxury brands. In June Lexus recorded the lowest overall CO2 emissions in the industry, ahead of small car brands Mini and Suzuki.

Today a new Lexus buyer is much more likely to buy a self-charging hybrid Lexus than a traditional petrol version. Increasingly, the brand is becoming known for producing beautifully crafted, high-performing, self-charging hybrids.

Neeraj Lala, General Manager for Lexus, says the Lexus hybrid system appeals because it is so efficient, and delivers performance, while reducing emissions and running costs.

“Lexus self-charging hybrids offer a class-leading blend of premium interiors, high performance and fuel efficiency. The top selling RX, for example, delivers power, smooth handling and, in the hybrid version, 40% fuel savings,” Mr Lala says.

Since Lexus launched the world’s first luxury self-charging hybrid in 2005, the RX 400h crossover, it has sold more than 1.4 million self-charging hybrid vehicles worldwide.

Today nine different self-charging hybrid models are offered in New Zealand, from the LC 500h luxury coupe right through to the bravely designed new addition, UX250h luxury compact SUV.

By around 2025, every model in the Lexus line-up will be available either as a dedicated electrified model or have an electrified option. This will be achieved by increasing the number of dedicated self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery-only and hydrogen fuel cell models.

In July, the New Zealand Government announced it would be consulting industry and the public on a new transport emissions policy that impacts the price of high and low emitting vehicles. Under the proposed policy, hybrids retailing under $80,000 would receive a discount from 2021.

As proposed, this scheme would apply to nine Lexus self-charging hybrid variants;


Retail Price

2021 emissions rebate

CT 200h



CT 200h F Sport



UX250h FWD



UX250h FWD F Sport



UX250h FWD Limited



UX250h AWD



UX250h AWD Limited



IS 300h



ES 300h



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