Kiwis commit to community container collections

Fifty-four (with three more on the way) waste collection depots around the country are on a mission to reduce the waste sent to landfill in their communities as part of a recycling network co-ordinated by packaging company Tetra Pak. 

From milk cartons to beverage containers, the largely volunteer-run community collection sites all share a passion of reducing carbon emissions and waste to landfill one packet at a time as on interim measure, in the lead up to the launch of the Government’s Container Return Scheme

The waste material is sent to saveBOARD, a Hamilton-based company that turns it into high-performance, low-carbon construction boards - making the circular economy a reality.

Every year, New Zealanders generate approximately 17 tonnes of waste per person, with 12 million tonnes heading to landfill.

saveBOARD CEO Paul Charteris says using 100 per cent recycled materials from everyday waste is a game-changer that can transform both the construction and waste management industries in New Zealand. Each saveBOARD sold results in 10kg less carbon emissions.

saveBOARD also receives waste material from large food and beverage companies and has funding and support from transport and logistics company Freightways, Tetra Pak and circular economy pioneer Closed Loop.

Mr Charteris says saveBOARD’s current maximum production capacity is 200,000 construction boards a year although it is currently running at 50 per cent as it gradually builds acceptance from the building industry for its recycled product.

saveBOARD and Tetra Pak are looking forward to the launch of the Government’s Container Return Scheme that will add many more collection points such as supermarkets and jump start Aotearoa’s transition to a low carbon circular economy. Similar schemes around the world have achieved return rates of over 85%.

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