Kiwi planners celebrate World Town Planning Day

By Wright Communications

The announcement of four NZPI Distinguished Service Awards as well as events around the country and even in London will mark the day as Kiwis join thousands of planners and sister institutes in more than 30 countries and four continents to celebrate and recognise the role of planning and planners.

World Town Planning Day, commemorated annually on 8 November, was founded in Argentina in 1949 by Professor  Carlos Mara della Paolera to advance public and professional interest in planning both in his home country and abroad and create a special day to promote the role of planning in creating liveable communities.

The New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) is the professional organisation representing planners, resource managers, urban designers, and environmental practitioners in New Zealand.

This country's planning profession deals with very real urbanisation issues such as the need to convert land from natural habitats to urban built areas, the development of transport and other infrastructure as well as ensuring environmental protection while allowing for the use of natural resources and habitats. Planners also have a role in planning social and community services, managing cultural and heritage resources and creating economic capacity in local communities.

NZPI World Town Planning Day events include the following highlights:

Auckland (7 November) - Back to the Future

A three person expert panel discusses planning in Auckland, reflecting on the city's early town planning schemes, the rise of effects based planning within Auckland's first generation plans, and the potential return to outcomes focused urban planning under the unitary plan.

Hamilton (7 November) - Understanding Development Contributions

Three local representatives discuss the thorny issue of development contributions - are they fair, equitable and encouraging growth or are they unfair, expensive and stifling development?

Wellington (7 November) - Why Wellington Isn't Dying

Guest speaker: Wellington City Council CEO Kevin Lavery.

London (7 November) - Water and Planning: The Fluid Challenge

A debate on water and how to plan for future communities in response to the increasing water-related challenges (flood, drought, climate change, supply shortages). The water supply crisis has recently been identified by the World Economic Forum as being the second highest risk facing the world in terms of impact.

Christchurch (8 November) - Planning and Earthquake Recovery

A breakfast event to celebrate the planning profession's extraordinary contribution to Christchurch's earthquake recovery.

Dunedin (14 November) - Working for the United Nations Environment Programme

Local planning practitioner Anne Sutton discusses the experience of working for the United Nations Environment Programme Convention on Migratory Species in Germany over the past two years.

Nelson (20 November) - Liveable Communities: Shared Spaces

Canadian Australian housing specialist and international planning practitioner Wendy Sarkissian discusses what makes medium-density housing work - for neighbours and residents.

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