Kiwi-owned video eCommerce platform launches for lockdown events

  • Unique live streaming and video on-demand service
  • Content providers get paid by their audiences
  • Ease of access for content creators and fans

Content creators of all types, from big productions to independent speakers, now have the ability to easily live stream their content and get paid for it, thanks to Vidzing, a new streaming service founded in New Zealand.

Launched this week, at a time when all performing arts and live events are closed due to the Level Four lockdown, Vidzing is the perfect streaming service for the times.

Content providers will be able to live-stream events via Vidzing to a paying audience, who have booked and paid for a “virtual seat” at the show. The platform is free to the content provider, which earns revenue via Vidzing – a streaming service, video channel storehouse and ticketing agency rolled into one.

Developed and operated by a mother and son team, Kimberley Ramsay and Cameron Ramsay-Gibbons, Vidzing was born from a need to live stream events during the 2020 COVID lockdowns.

Kimberley Ramsay, founder and owner of the CheerBrandz competition and event company, says it was frustrating to have events with audiences unable to attend that could have easily been sold as a live stream, keeping audiences engaged with the sport and the business earning revenue.

“We looked around and just couldn’t find anything that was affordable. We just wanted to live stream our events and sell tickets to an audience we knew was out there,” she says.

Cameron Ramsay-Gibbons says large professional organisations can sell their broadcasting rights or pay a developer to build a website with video content and payment taking. But this is not available or easy for all.

“We decided to build our own platform, leveraging a state-of-the-art video platform, robust payment solution and focusing our IP on new features and user experience. We’ve got an exciting roadmap, innovating on customer needs to create a video marketplace that is easy to use and accessible to anyone with video content or an event.”

After testing and successfully trialing the service with CheerBrandz events, Vidzing offered its services to NZ Opera, which, after cancelling the Wellington season of The Marriage of Figaro last month, then sought a way to bring its final Christchurch performance at the Theatre Royal to a wider audience.

NZ Opera was hugely impressed by the Vidzing experience. Its Director Marketing and Development, Terri Cumiskey, says Vidzing provided a secure and high quality livestream experience for its supporters.

To launch Vidzing, the company is offering to help brand and set up 20 channels for businesses or organisations that could benefit from their service during the Level 4 lockdown.

In addition, 17% of the ticket service fee will be donated to Lifeline, their first charity partner in their commitment to giving back.  

“Our values are reflected in what we create. We are all about supporting the content creators, having fun and then giving back to the community,” says Kimberley, a former tax lawyer and accountant.

“We are for anybody who has content and wants to get paid for it. For example, we’re enabling Girls in Business to extend their reach and revenue by providing virtual seats at their upcoming business conference. We will be offering a wide range of video content and channels – from the performing arts to business webinars and niche sports.”

Vidzing will be a video and live streaming marketplace where the content creators own the content and set the price.

Cameron Ramsay-Gibbons, a computer science graduate, says the platform could host a range of content and monetization options – pay-per-view live streams, one-off video purchases or subscription.

“Ultimately we see it as a video eCommerce platform for creators to build their own online video store.  We make it easy for anyone to monetize their video content, you don’t need to have thousands of followers or wait for one of the big networks to buy your content. ” he says.

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