Kiwi men embracing the Christmas spirit this year

By Wright Communications

Colmar Brunton's innovation and business development director Vanessa Clark says the number of male Christmas lovers has increased significantly since 2012.

"In 2012 only 49% of men who took part in the survey said they liked or loved Christmas, but this year that's leapt to 67%. That's only a little behind women (76%) and it is a surprisingly big jump from last year. Maybe it's because they can shop more online rather than having to brave the stores," she says.

It seems the joy of the festive season wears off the older we get. While 44% of those in the 18 to 29 per cent age bracket say they love Christmas and it is their favourite time of the year, that sentiment drops away over time and only 18% of over 70s share that level of Christmas cheer.

There is no doubt more Kiwis are going online and turning to their laptops and mobile devices to find the perfect present, rather than trawling malls.

The survey showed that of the people searching or buying online, 62% are using their laptop or computer most of the time. Tablet or iPad use for Christmas shopping most of the time has doubled from 9% to 18% in just 12 months and 14% are mostly using their smartphone this year.

Seventy-one per cent of Kiwi Christmas shoppers are browsing online for gift ideas at least sometimes, while 69% compare prices online and 51% browse daily deal sites in search of the ideal gift. Almost two thirds of shoppers (64%) purchase Christmas gifts online.

There's still good news for bricks and mortar retailers though, with 70% of people saying they would spend time looking around before deciding what gifts to purchase, and the largest percentage of people (34%) agreeing they would spend a lot of time browsing stores for gift ideas.

When it comes to what the best present Santa could bring would be, men and women totally agree.

"A weekend away or cash top our Christmas wish lists, with jewellery (41%) and new clothes (41%) also in the top four for women, while it's tools (28%) or a smartphone or iPhone (26%) in the top four for men," Ms Clark says.

As for what's on the menu for the main Christmas meal, which 51% of Kiwis enjoy in the middle of the day, it's pretty traditional fare.

Ham (79%), potatoes (74%), strawberries (74%) and roast vegetables (70%) are at the top of the list. For almost 60% the old favourite, pavlova, will also be on the menu this year.

Sadly, for the over 60s, who are more likely to favour minted peas as part of their traditional Christmas menu, the under 30s don't enjoy them as much, so minted peas could disappear from the festive feast over time.

Other findings:

  • Christmas decorations in shops are the first sign of Christmas for most Kiwis (44%) followed by the avalanche of Christmas advertising for 28%
  • Kiwi Christmas grinches are few and far between with only 4% of men and 3% of women saying they hate Christmas
  • A great majority (91%) of people open their Christmas presents on Christmas morning, with opening presents on Christmas Eve not taking off as a tradition in New Zealand
  • One in three Kiwi families pitch in to cook the main Christmas meal together, otherwise 43% of women do the cooking alone, and one quarter of men
  • 30% of Kiwi Christmas shoppers stick to their lists while the other 70% wait until they see what's out there
  • Celebration, family and friends are what Christmas means for most Kiwis.

Colmar Brunton interviewed a representative sample of 1,006 people around New Zealand. The survey has a maximum margin of error of + or - 3.1%.


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