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Getting kids to eat snacks that are better for you and also taste good can be one of the hardest challenge’s parents face every day. When kids are hungry, they generally gravitate towards unhealthy snacks that provide them with a quick spike of energy. Finding a snack option that ticks all the boxes - delicious and better for you - has often proved to be a difficult task for many parents - until now!

Healtheries’ Mittz are a new range of snack foods, available in two scrumptious flavours - chicken and pizza - that have been specifically designed for little munchers who always demand delicious-tasting snacks. Healtheries ’Mittz are destined to become your family’s newest snacking companion and a constant request in kids’ lunch boxes.

New Zealanders are increasingly considering better snack options for themselves and their children, which is why Healtheries have formulated Mittz to contain 29% real vegetables* – made with carrots, beans and potatoes while still tasting good. Sporting a 3.5 health star rating, Mittz also contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Flaunting an extremely low sugar content of just 0.7g per serving, Mittz are a great snacking option for kids who are prone to the mood swings that can occur from consuming sugary foods. Too much sugar tends to send kids into an energy spiral, before they crash just an hour later.

Healtheries’ Mittz are also gluten-free approved snacks that have been awarded the Coeliac Crossed Grain logo which is proudly displayed on every Mittz pack. The Crossed Grain logo is the symbol recognising products that have been reviewed and approved by Coeliac New Zealand as part of their certification programme. With the security of being coeliac approved and gluten free, Mittz are the perfect snacking option to
share with your classmates or friends.

Adding to Mittz’s portfolio of health advantages is the fact that they are oven-baked, not fried, vegan friendly, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

With their fun, “mitts” shaped pieces, Mittz deliver everything your child would expect of a delicious snack, minus the ingredients you don’t want included and packed full of the ones you do. Mittz’s convenient snack-sized bags are a great snack option to pop into your children’s lunchboxes, or mum’s handbag as the perfect afterschool sports snack.

Healtheries’ new Mittz products are the perfect addition to the brand’s successful pre-existing range of snack foods, designed to help busy parents make easy snacking choices for their children. Next time you are in the supermarket, check the snack foods aisle and grab a multi-pack of Mittz for a delicious addition to your children’s diets.

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