Future of mobility revealed by Toyota in Japan

Toyota has taken a giant leap into the future of mobility, embodying its commitment to exciting design, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology with the reveal of six next-generation models at the Japan Mobility Show yesterday.

Populating a stand themed “Let’s Change the Future of Cars – Find Your Future” the group reveal included a fully electric ute, an all-electric Land Cruiser, a low-slung battery electric sports car and a new cross-over styled e-SUV dubbed the FT-3e.

In Japan for the Mobility Show, Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive Neeraj Lala, said it was exciting to see the new concept models in real life and have a glimpse into a future where vehicles are more than machines; they're companions in our journey toward a less polluted more connected world.

“It’s great to see the development focus is not just on vehicles, but on a sustainable future. Toyota is accelerating product development, emphasising its serious dedication to next-gen battery-powered mobility. At the same time there is a real commitment to building vehicles that meet customers’ demand for a vehicle that fits into their lifestyles,” Neeraj said.

For New Zealand drivers, attention will be directed to the FT-3e, a next-gen crossover-style concept, the EPU full-electric dual-cab pickup and the Land Cruiser Se, a refined all-electric take on the flagship SUV.

“These are not just cars,” Neeraj said. “They are versatile solutions tailored for diverse needs.”

Centre stage for Toyota at the Mobility Show is the FT-Se, a rear-slung sports car with wide, low proportions geared toward superb handling and svelte, air-splitting aerodynamics. Also on show is the FT-3e, with a sleek silhouette and robust, angular sheet metal creasing and previewing personalised onboard digital services.

Two more future Toyota EVs are on display: the EPU full-electric dual-cab pickup, with the name coming from Ecological Pickup; and the Land Cruiser Se, a refined yet dynamic all-electric take on the brand's flagship SUV. The Se stands for Sport Electric.

Toyota explored the potential for personalisation with concepts like Kayoibako, a subcompact electric van designed for ultra-efficient packaging. Also on show is the IMV 0, a sub-compact customisable flatbed for various purposes, from food trucks to off-road runabouts.

Toyota's vision extends beyond physical transportation. It believes future mobility is about becoming a lifestyle partner, aligning with individual values. With BEVs like FT-3e and FT-Se, Toyota aims to offer not just rides but unique experiences tailored to each customer.

The two concept models―the SUV-type FT-3e and the sporty FT-Se―will present a future transformed by electrification and intelligence, along with new driver experiences.

FT-3e is presented as a next-generation BEV concept model that will enrich customers' daily lives with new driving experiences and personalised services powered by innovative technologies. It also contributes to achieving carbon neutrality and creating a better world by connecting to society as a transfer medium for energy and data from the vehicle and its surroundings.

FT-Se will be a high-performance sports BEV model proposed as one of the options for sports cars in the carbon-neutral era, incorporating the expertise gained in TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's efforts to make ever-better cars through motorsports. Pursuing further handling stability and aerodynamic performance, the FT-Se shares major components with the FT-3e. Toyota set out to create a car that continues to grow with the driver through software updates.

Alongside the highly responsive controls and captivating designs unique to BEVs, these models evolve into one-of-a-kind vehicles by offering the joy of personal ride customisation, as well as convenient functions such as stress-free browsing of local area information while onboard.

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