Environmental Choice appoints new General Manager

By Wright Communications

Lipscombe brings 15 years' broad business knowledge to the role including a variety of sales and marketing experience working for organisations such as global tech firm NCR Corporation and importer and distributor of consumer electronics Monaco Corporation.

Auckland-raised Lipscombe, who spent the past three years as the Account Manager for Environmental Choice, is well positioned to drive the organisation's business strategy forward.

"I'm excited about the challenges ahead as there seems to be evidence of more environmental awareness and calls for sustainable practices - particularly from Millennials (Gen Y)," she says.

"Consumers are demanding more information and transparency about where their products come from and how they are made. They are asking businesses to be more sustainable and to substantiate their claims. I believe there is less tolerance for greenwash."

Lipscombe says Environmental Choice will continue to work with industry to reduce environmental impacts across more product and service categories.

More than 60 New Zealand businesses with some 1,700 products and services are licensed under the Environmental Choice ecolabel.

"Our licensees have made a genuine effort to reduce the environmental impact of their products and services. We will continue to work with them to increase our reach and reduce environmental impacts across more product and service categories."

Lipscombe says the not-for-profit will continue to actively engage its talented and experienced Board of Trustees. The seven board members have a diverse set of skills and experience ranging from environmental science to marketing and management.

"As a mature organisation we also have strong, loyal relationships with a range of environmental auditors and specification developers," she says.

"The Environmental Choice label is vigorous, independent and transparent. We will work to continue to be New Zealand's most robust, trustworthy environmental seal of approval."

Lipscombe acknowledged the valued contribution of previous GM Robin Taylor, who after thirteen years has stepped down from the role but remains actively engaged in the organisation.

"Robin Taylor has been a superb leader, so I have big boots to fill but I look forward to the challenge of maintaining the country's most trusted ecolabelling scheme."

Environmental Choice is New Zealand's official environmental label for products and services, owned and endorsed by The Ministry for the Environment. It uses multi-criteria lifecycle assessment that is independently verified by third-party auditors.

It is the only Type I ecolabel in New Zealand and is managed by the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust at no cost to the government.


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