Earthwise body wash range: First consumer toiletry brand to get Environmental Choice ‘tick’

By Wright Communications

"We are delighted to able to give consumers the clear message that our products are gentler on the environment," said Earthwise operations manager, Rory Garvey.  "It can be difficult for the family shopper to cut through marketing 'noise' and decide which products are genuinely best for their family and the planet.  Now that choice has become a little bit easier."

Environmental Choice is the official environmental label in New Zealand. It is government-owned and endorsed, but the label operates independently; licensing environmentally friendly products for homes and businesses and offering strong proof of environmental performance.

The newly licensed Earthwise body wash range includes four fragrances; Coconut and Manuka Honey, Grapefruit and Aloe Vera, Vanilla and Bergamot and Kids Splash - a body wash designed specifically for children.

The company originally applied for the Environmental Choice licence after seeing consumers become increasingly frustrated by the number of products claiming environmental benefits without proof.

"People were opting out of the environmental approach even though they really wanted to be able to do their little bit in everyday activities such as cleaning the house," says Garvey.  "So we decided to make it easier for people to trust our brand.

"We chose Environmental Choice New Zealand because it's considered the industry 'gold standard' for environmental criteria.  Put simply, people can trust the independent auditing process behind it and have confidence that they are buying what it says on the pack."

The full Earthwise range of home and body products are designed to be gentler on the environment. Earthwise creator, Tom Robinson, first formulated the plant-based product back in the days before taking care of the environment was considered hip.

Four years ago the company changed their target market from niche specialist shops to mainstream supermarkets as they aimed to make environmental products available to the household shopper at an everyday price.

The majority of Earthwise laundry liquids and powders also carry the Environmental Choice logo.


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