Dynamic ‘Future Leader’ heads for global stage at Munich conference

By Wright Communications

Sarah, who is the Sustainability Manager at IAG and has a PhD in Environmental and Marine Science, was selected from the 30 'Future Leaders' who represent some of the country's most dynamic companies on the New Zealand Vision 2050 Project.

This is a WBCSD initiative which aims to outline the opportunities and challenges for business on the pathway to the year 2050. The NZBCSD Vision 2050 report will be released in December.

Sarah will address conference representatives from more than 50 countries, and explain the 11 crucial New Zealand pathways chosen by the Future Leaders. She will also run smaller group-style workshops. 

The 11 pathways will help Vision 2050 engage business and promote discussion about how New Zealand can move towards a country with nearly twice the population and still live sustainably. The pathways include a diverse range of sectors such as Tourism, Economy, Agriculture and Mobility, all with unique issues to face in the decades to come.

"I can't wait to present the results of the Future Leaders' work and show the representatives of so many nations where New Zealand fits into the global picture of a world living well and within its resources in 2050," says Sarah.

"The Vision 2050 Project has been a hugely challenging and rewarding opportunity so far, with months of brainstorming and refining of ideas as a 30-strong Future Leaders team from diverse fields."

Sarah says there are bound to be a few nerves when she presents, but having two NZBCSD executive members - Graeme Norton from 3R, and Charles Anderson from Sovereign - in the audience will help.

Sarah was selected for the dream trip after a Tweet-off with the other Future Leaders - her 140-character summary of why she should represent New Zealand at the international conference.

She says the key focus of the Future Leaders is to ensure the Vision 2050 Project report and pathway mapping is just the start of an ongoing conversation about the decades ahead.

"As the mum of a young girl, I am acutely aware of our responsibility to have a sustainable vision which is inclusive, and takes into account the vastly different country we will live in by the time the Future Leaders are approaching 70."

She says the Future Leaders are considering ways to maintain momentum from Vision 2050 Project and ensure they work with New Zealand business to maximise the opportunities identified.


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