Dual-colour joinery provides stylish design solution

By Wright Communications

The Metro Series Thermal Heart joinery is perfect for discerning owners who want the latest thermally efficient technology without compromising the aesthetics of their dream home.

Homeowners can look forward to more comfortable interior temperatures and lower energy bills thanks to a high-tech glass fibre-reinforced nylon insulator (or thermal break) between the exterior and interior elements of the aluminium joinery.

Windowmakers director Heidi Johnston says when combined with high-performance double glazing, the dual-colour Thermal Heart joinery is the ultimate in comfort and style.

"Some people are put off aluminum joinery because most of options they see clash with their home's interior and exterior wall colours. The Metro Series Thermal Heart is available in a variety of colours, for example lighter on the interior side and darker on the exterior side."

This new product range is 20 per cent more thermally efficient than standard double-glazed windows and doors. Thermal Heart joinery reduces condensation, increases warmth and comfort in winter, and prevents homes become hothouses in summer.

The end result is thermal efficiency and lower heating or cooling bills, and reduced noise pollution - all with a pleasing visual effect.

For more about Windowmakers range, please see www.windowmakers.co.nz, call into the Forge Rd, Silverdale showroom, or phone 0800 89 49 89.

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