Death and grief Amazon’s current bestseller for Kiwi author

By Wright Communications

That's something that Erica Farrimond knows a lot about, and something she feels she can help people with through her book Soothe your soul from grief - a mother's inspiration after losing her two year old daughter to cancer (Peace Lily).

The e-book was written to share insights from her own suffering, and along with its Facebook page is providing comfort and support to people around the world who have lost someone close to them.

Erica is delighted that the book is currently the number one bestseller in Amazon's Death and Grief section.

"It was indescribably devastating to lose my daughter Lily and I felt compelled to write this book and share stories about my journey in an effort to help anyone I can to heal their own grief," she says.

"I hope that people find inspiration in the book to enable them to walk into their future accomplishing beautiful things, taking comfort that the spirit of their loved one continues to walk beside them."

Erica, who lives in a peaceful seaside town with her husband and children, was an English language lecturer at an Auckland University before she lost Lily to cancer and changed her life forever.

One Amazon reviewer comments on the e-book: "Having experienced grief recently myself through the loss of my husband, Erica's wisdom and inspirational stories resonated with me. Erica's strength shines throughout the entire story as she guides you through ways to carry on, taking care of yourself while not losing sight of your loved one in spirit."

For someone struggling to grieve the death of a loved one, Soothe your soul from grief - a Mother's inspiration after losing her two year old daughter to cancer (Peace Lily) could be the most caring Christmas gift they ever receive.



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