COVID-19 March 24 update

By Kantar

With coronavirus having even greater impact on New Zealand society, Kantar has begun running a weekly pulse of consumer sentiment, attitudes and behaviours. The latest high-level results from interviewing over the weekend are included here. While Monday’s announcement about the alert moving to level 4, understanding consumer sentiment remains important.

Dramatically greater concern about the potential economic fall-out

Two weeks ago only a third of Kiwis thought covid-19 could lead to an economic recession. This has now risen to over 70%, with half of people worried about their own job security, double the level from two weeks ago.

These results are consistent across age, gender and location cohorts.

Concern about own personal health growing, but even greater concern about the physical health of older Kiwis as well as people’s mental health

Over a third are concerned about falling sick. However almost three in ten New Zealanders are saying they are concerned about the physical health of older family/whānau, and over a third are concerned for the mental health of close acquaintances.

Stockpiling is happening

A fifth of Kiwis admit to stockpiling, double the level from two weeks ago. This is mostly because people are concerned about the need to self-isolate. Only a quarter of stockpilers say it is because they are concerned about shops running out of supplies.

Opportunity for financial planners

Two-thirds of Kiwis now say the situation demands they are more proactive about financial planning and security for the future. This is particularly true for females and younger people.

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on our lifestyles – even before we enter lock-down

The proportion of people who say they are doing less of a range of leisure and travel occupations ranges from 67% for overseas travel to 39% for watching sports.

In contrast home-based activities are already ramping up – even before Monday’s level 4 announcement.

As part of its ongoing insights series into COVID-19, and its impact on New Zealand consumers and citizens, Kantar will be continuing this regular update of the attitudes, opinions and behaviours of New Zealanders.

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