Covid-19 April 20 update

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Kiwis are looking forward to catching up and travelling in New Zealand

Over the weekend, we asked New Zealanders what they were looking forward to most when Alert Level 4 ends. Unsurprisingly, two-fifths (42%) said they were looking forward to entertaining friends / family / whanau at home. Some good news for local tourism: although travel outside regions still will not be permitted under Alert Level 3, over one-third of Kiwis say they look forward to travelling within NZ. Out of home dining and gathering, and out of home shopping are also high on our agendas, which will be a relief to both the hospitality and retail sectors.

More than a quarter of Kiwis believe the lockdown should be extended

Before today’s announcement, we also asked Kiwis what they believe should happen after the four week lockdown period? Nearly two-thirds said a limited range of activities and places should open again with distancing and hygiene measures in place, with over a quarter saying the lockdown should be extended until Covid-19 is eliminated.

Contact tracing using personal data

The Government is currently considering handing out a Bluetooth-enabled Covid-19 card to every New Zealander to aid with contact tracing efforts. 51% of Kiwis are comfortable sharing their personal data – if it meant that a nation-wide lockdown could be avoided in the future – and it has been around this level for the past three weeks.

Lockdown fairness – what do Kiwis think?

When asked over the weekend, a large proportion of New Zealanders (86%) believe the Alert Level 4 lockdown is a fair measure to take against Covid-19, and this view is consistent with the two previous weekends (when it was 88%).

Online shopping frequency and spend continues to increase

We know that, under Alert Level 3, malls and retail stores will remain closed, meaning online shopping will continue to be an important channel for brands to sustain and grow their businesses. Kiwis are engaging with eCommerce now more than ever, as demonstrated by our findings over the weekend.

The increase in frequency and amount spent on online shopping has been enabled by removing key barriers to shopping, such as being fully booked. This is likely to be the result of greater supply and efforts backed in online shopping by supermarkets.

Delivering more insights about consumers in these changing and challenging times

As part of our ongoing insights series into Covid-19, and its impact on New Zealand consumers and citizens, we will be continuing this regular update of the attitudes, opinions and behaviours of New Zealanders.

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