Corporate Cabs protects clients’ conversation privacy

By Wright Communications

Amid a raft of requirements in new regulations aimed at boosting driver security, the Government has made it mandatory for all cab companies to install security cameras by 1 August.

Corporate Cabs chief executive Colin Samson took part in the industry working group which advised on the regulations. He has heard some companies plan to record audio as well, but Corporate Cabs is steadfast in its stance not to.

"Corporate Cabs is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to install state-of-the-art digital cameras, but microphones will not be fitted.

"We fully support precautions to ensure our owner-operators can work safely, though it tends not to be an issue for our drivers compared to other companies because most of our pick-ups are pre-booked.

"We also recognise that our regular clients include politicians, business people and private citizens who want to be able to talk freely when in our vehicles. Driver discretion has always been a key part of our business and nothing has changed.

"We will make it clear to our clients their conversations will not be recorded. It is important for clients to know footage we record will be kept secure with only senior management and relevant authorities being able to access it, and only if there is an incident."

Corporate Cabs is also one of the few companies to acquire an exemption to operate unmarked limousines without cameras rolling if they are for private hire - not a normal cab ride.

"This is also an important distinction to ensure our private hire clients don't feel intruded on. Many are VIPs from overseas, and they appreciate total discretion," Mr Samson says.


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