Corporate Cabs ‘App’ a revolution in customer service

By Wright Communications

Customers can use the App to request pick-ups directly through Corporate Cabs' electronic booking system. It works with iPhones and androids, and can be downloaded from iTunes and Android Market.

Corporate Cabs chief executive Colin Samson says the App is a major step forward in convenience for clients of the company's 400-strong fleet in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown.

"Corporate Cabs is always looking for ways new technology can improve our service, and we think the App is revolutionary."

"The focus is on accuracy and convenience. We have excellent booking system operators, but the App virtually eliminates the chance for human error or confusion."

Colin Samson says the App is quick and easy to use. The customer enters their details, including pick-up address, destination, date and time. They then confirm their booking by pushing a button on the App which sends the request direct to Corporate Cabs' booking system, which in turn is linked electronically to the fleet.

Users also have the ability to save regular routes such as 'Home to airport', or 'Airport to hotel'. This removes the need for them to give the same details in future. All they need to do is enter the date and time of the required pick-up.

Developed by Web Logix, the App underwent client user trials prior to being made available to all clients.

"The customers who took part in the trial identified some areas of improvement, and these refinements were included in the final App."

Hotel concierges have begun using the App on iPads and android pads they use to book services for guests.

Colin Samson says the 'App' is a major component in Corporate Cabs' suite of technology advancements aimed at improving customer service.

The company can produce detailed reports which clients can use to increase efficiency of their cab use - particularly around airport journeys - and reduce costs. The reports can also be used to check whether staff meet company protocols around taxi use.

The company also offers real-time EFTPOS in its cabs, has significantly improved its booking website with further enhancements planned, and is in discussions to be involved in a trial of 'tap and go' payment technology in the near future.


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