Clarke Gayford explores Niue

By Wright Communications

He filmed a series of videos as part of a project with Niue Tourism exploring the many natural attractions and activities Niue has to offer. This included diving, walking trails, mountain biking, snorkelling, water sports, and of course, fishing.

Gayford says out of all the Pacific islands he's been to none are quite as unique as Niue.

"It's an adventurer's paradise, the perfect tropical island for those who like to get out and go exploring.

"I can't pick a favourite activity, that's like picking a favourite child! If you like swimming you have go to the Limu pools. How about a good cave? Then the walk to the Anapala Chasm is incredible. Or if the sun is setting, race to the the Avaiki or Palaha Caves and watch them magically light up as the sun goes down."

An absence of rivers gives Niue some of the clearest saltwater in the world says Gayford.

"Want to see how clear? Then you must go snorkelling at Avatele lagoon, or even better book a trip with a local dive operator.

"My final tip; when driving, wave to absolutely everyone on the road or they'll think you're a tourist, such is the friendly nature of everyone there."

Niue Tourism Chief Executive Felicity Bollen says Gayford's videos will give potential visitors a brilliant visual depiction of what they can expect when visiting the Island.

"We loved having Clarke on the Island and he really made the most of his time here, he demonstrates really well how much of a hidden gem Niue is."

The video series will be released on social media over the next few weeks.

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