Bussing fastest way to get to work in Commuter Challenge

By Wright Communications

The Urgent Couriers event puts bikes, cars and buses to the test in a commuter race during peak-hour morning traffic.

Competitors for each mode of transport departed from Onehunga, New Lynn, Ellerslie and Birkenhead at 7:15am, racing to Auckland's Viaduct Harbour.

A bus from Auckland's North Shore ridden by Tyrone Campbell was the first challenger across the finish line, with a travel time of 20 minutes.

Second place went to a Craig Wright, who arrived by cycle from Ellerslie after 23 minutes, closely followed by a car user who also departed from Ellerslie and arrived in 24 minutes.

Urgent Couriers' managing director Steve Bonnici says the event, in its fourth year, has once again proved that public transport is the most efficient way for Auckland CBD workers to get to their jobs.

"It's tempting to take the car to work, especially on rainy days, but even taking the bus or biking to work once or twice a week can make a difference, not only to help reduce Auckland's traffic congestion, but also to the environment and personal fitness.

The last to arrive at the destination, with a travel time of 51 minutes, was Willi Uili who rode a bus from Onehunga, which stopped at almost every bus stop between the suburb and the city.

The Commuter Challenge and the Go By Bike Breakfast are both part of Bike Wise Month.


Commuter Challenge Schedule 2011


1. North - Birkenhead

2. East - Ellerslie

3. South - Onehunga

4. West - New Lynn


87 Mokoia Road

95 Main Highway

Onehunga Transport Centre

New Lynn
Transport Centre







972 - Beach Haven Wharf to Auckland University - Birkenhead Transport
departs at 7.13am.

51 - Cockle Bay to Britomart via Newmarket - Howick & Eastern bus service departs at 7.15am.

302 - Onehunga to Midtown Platform 1a - Metrolink departs 7.20am

177 - Laingholm to Britomart Platform 5 - Ritchies at 7.25am.


Arrives 7.35am Customs St East, opposite Fort Lane

Arrives Galway St 7.45am

Arrives Wellesley St East near ASB Bank at 7.54am.

Arrives Custom St West at 8.05am.


Tyrone Campbell

Rocky Khan

Willi Uili

Mark Hooper

Journey times











Departs from above address at 7.13am.

Departs from above address
at 7.15am.

Departs from above
address at 7.20am.

Departs from above
address at 7.20am.


David - UC staff

Sarah - UC staff

Leighton - UC staff

Garry - UC staff

Journey times












Departs from above address
at 7.15am.

Departs from above
address at 7.20am.

Departs from above
address at 7.25am.



Craig Wright

Leo Taliu - UC staff

Ben Bacon

Journey times












Veolia Transport departs

at 7.14am

Veolia Transport departs

at 7.17am

Veolia Transport departs

At 7.28am



Winston Hiliau

Jay Williams

Brad Tauwhare

Journey times





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