Buckley Systems – a top ten company at the TIN 100 Awards

By Wright Communications

It nearly doubled its revenue from $45 to $89 million, a 97.8 per cent increase, for the year ended 31 March 2016, on the back of a 100 per cent export business.

Despite its relative small size Buckley Systems had the fourth largest growth in revenue in dollar terms. The three companies which finished ahead of it, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Datacom Group and Xero increased their revenue by 21.25%, 13.13% and 66.93% respectively.

The top ten companies to watch are based on the highest increase in their dollar revenue.

"This recognition is a great reward for the team effort from all the staff," said company founder and President, Bill Buckley.

Buckley Systems, a global leader in high technology manufacturing, develops and manufactures the electromagnets that go into the machines that make between 80 and 90 percent of the world's silicon chips.

If you use a device with silicon chips - and we just about all do - then there is a strong chance those chips will have been produced with a Buckley Systems electromagnet.

Along with its revenue growth, Buckley Systems has raised staff levels to over 300 people to cope with the expansion of its business.  It has also recently doubled its factory space to cope with the growth in its business.

And it is not solely reliant on electromagnets. It has just completed the installation of an Ion Source Test Facility at its Bowden Road factory, part of its ongoing sustained research and development.

"Our vertical integration provides much wider capabilities than any of our international competitors," said Mr. Buckley. "We are continually involved in the design and development of new life-enhancing technologies across a range of markets."

Research laboratories and the medical industry are also using Buckley Systems expertise and products.

Mr. Buckley has just announced his involvement in a new company, Neutron Therapeutics, which has been set up to provide a practical solution for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for cancer.

Buckley Systems is involved in the development and manufacture of the nuBeam proton accelerator machine to be used in the treatment at Helsinki University Central Hospital.

"This is just one example of how Buckley Systems partners with customers to work out how to make things that have never been made before and prototype faster than anyone else can," said Mr. Buckley.


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