Blue Star Direct launched

By Wright Communications

Blue Star Direct has been designed as a DIY solution and caters to a new market for Blue Star - small/medium businesses and private print buyers in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  Prices are displayed as users select their print options.

Rose O'Brien, Marketing Manager of Blue Star Group says "The message we are getting is that people want choice, and this applies in any sector.  Blue Star Direct provides a choice of print technologies including offset (ultimate), indigo (premium digital), digital (standard digital toner) & wide-format inkjet. Also offered is a range of print papers to choose from.  The customer can browse and compare pricing on combinations before deciding for themselves what is best for their budget and intended product use."

Blue Star Direct users choose their print specifications, load their artwork and pay by credit card.  The job is then produced by the Blue Star production business best suited technologically and geographically.

"Once the print file has been uploaded, an instant online proof is generated. From there the customer can choose to proceed to checkout and only at that point will they be required to log in", says Rose O'Brien.

Blue Star Direct currently offers high-end print in 9 different categories.  Each job is manufactured to the same exact standards that Blue Star applies to every produced job.



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