Bike is fastest way to get to work in the Commuter Challenge

By Wright Communications

The bike, ridden by Urgent Couriers' Deane Tetley, swept into victory followed by Olympic sailor Jo Aleh on the bus (44 mins), and fellow Olympic sailor Paul Snow-Hansen and Labour MP for Te Atatu Phil Twyford in the car and train respectively, both taking 53 minutes.

The annual Urgent Couriers Commuter Challenge, which tests the efficiency of the four different modes of transport, saw all commuters take off from the New Lynn Transport Centre at 0715 this morning, finishing at the Auckland Council's Go By Bike Breakfast at Wynyard Quarter.

Urgent Couriers managing director Steve Bonnici said the challenge, which started five years ago, proves the efficacy and benefits of cycling over driving to work.

"Auckland roading and transport has undergone numerous changes in the last five years, and, yet still we have a serious traffic congestion problem. Leaving the car at home and either cycling or taking public transport even once a week can make a significant difference, both to the environment, and to your health and wellbeing," he said.

Urgent Couriers, the only carbon-neutral Kiwi courier company, co-ordinates the Commuter Challenge to highlight its concern about the environmental impact of cars on Auckland's carbon footprint.

As part of the Bike Wise Month and coinciding with Auckland Council's Go by Bike Breakfast, the annual event aims to encourage the use of bikes and public transport to reduce congestion on Auckland roads.


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2012 Commuter Challenge results

Departure address

New Lynn Transport Centre



Stagecoach Auckland service no.142 departed from above address at 7.25am.


Deane Tetley - Urgent Couriers

Journey time

30 mins



Departed from above address at 7.25am.


Jo Aleh - NZ Olympic sailor

Journey time

44 mins



Departed from above address at 7.25am.


Phil Twyford, Labour MP for Te Atatu

Journey time

53 mins



Departed from above address at 7.25am.


Paul Snow-Hansen - NZ Olympic sailor

Journey time

53 mins

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