Air New Zealand’s corporate reputation flying high

By Wright Communications

The Corporate Reputation Index, developed in partnership with Wright Communications, measures four pillars of reputation - social responsibility, fairness, success / leadership, and trust.

Rounding out the top five are TVNZ, which has leapt up to second from seventh last year, Toyota, AA Insurance, and Z Energy.

Colmar Brunton Chief Client Officer Sarah Bolger says the big winners this year are companies that are an integral part of Kiwis' lives.

"Businesses that can offer a really positive, distinctive and meaningful customer experience are more likely to perform strongly in their reputation. These experiences are the foundation to strong customer relationships and that in turn builds trust. The companies in the top five are doing that particularly well."

Wright Communications Managing Director Nikki Wright says this year's Corporate Reputation Index also highlights the value of taking a stand and doing the right thing.

"If you look at the fastest risers in this year's Index they are being rewarded for responding to the market in a way that is relevant to their audiences - often that is about taking action on something that consumers care about," she says.

One of the biggest winners for 2018 is Silver Fern Farms who have jumped an astonishing 21 places to 12th.

The other big movers in the top 20 for 2018 are Genesis up seven places to 13th, DB Breweries up 3 places to 18th and Countdown, who have moved into the top 20 for the first time.

"Countdown, which is in the Top 20 for the first time, took a strong lead on the single use plastic bag issue, while Silver Fern Farms farm to plate brand story responds to the increasing impact of sustainability on Kiwi's purchasing behaviour," Ms Wright says.

Businesses who perform strongly across all four Rep Z pillars will achieve brand resilience and that is what they should be striving for, according to Ms Bolger.

"Colmar Brunton has been running the Index for four years and over that time we have noticed companies with strong reputations, built through unrelenting efforts on fair practices and being a good corporate citizen, reap rewards in multiple ways," she says.

Not only do they achieve a stronger market presence with distinct competitive advantages but they are also able to withstand crises as a result of deep consumer relationships built on unflinching trust.

"We would expect to see little movement in ranking amongst our top performing organisations even if they face tough issues. They can weather a storm more easily because their reputation is robust and consumers trust them to respond appropriately."

Media Release picColmar Brunton is part of WPP AUNZ, Australasia's leading marketing communications group.

You can view the full Corporate Reputation Index 2018 presentation via the following link

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