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The brief

Wet n Wild approached Wright Communications in late 2017 to launch the brand to the New Zealand market via PR. With no advertising budget, the local importer and distributor tasked Wright Communications with creating hype, awareness and excitement regarding the impending arrival of the cosmetics brand to New Zealand. They required traditional media coverage, as well as strong social influencer engagement to their target audience of 15-25 year old women.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications took a two-pronged approach to achieve their objectives for wet n wild. 

The first was to formulate an exciting and engaging social media plan that would create hype and would educate their customer audience in the lead up to the brand being launched. This included creating a ‘voice’ for the brand that would resonate with young women. One aspect that we put emphasis on communicating was that of the brand’s highly acclaimed Cruelty Free status. 

The second was to educate the media and influencers on the brand and its products. This was done via sending creative media kits to 100 identified media and influencers to showcase some of their best products with an accompanying media release to outline the brand’s key messages.


Impressively our client launched this new range of value cosmetics at 26 Farmers retail stores and they are now rolling it out to all 50 stores by the end of 2018. In fact wet n wild outsold L’Oreal (Farmers number one selling cosmetics brand) in 13 of 26 stores in dollar sales with wet n wild (a product three times cheaper!) in the first week of trading which the client attributes to our PR launch campaign.

Wet n Wild NZ’s Facebook page gained 4,800 likes in the first six weeks of initiating PR for the brand.

Wright Communications gained more than $142,000 worth of PR coverage in the first month of launching and successful messaging of the wet n wild brand through traditional and social media. The brand has gained a solid reputation for its high quality, affordability and cruelty free status. This is evident through the reviews, articles and comments shared by media/social media influencers who engage with the brand.

Wet n Wild remains on the beauty radar in the NZ market. This can be seen through a growing social media audience, regular placements in traditional media and features by multiple social media influencers on a myriad of channels.

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